Gay marriage

2 Jul

The more I read up on gay marriages, and see gay couples in public, the more I notice that gay women are not as frowned upon as gay men.  Speaking from experience, I have a very close friend that is gay, and talking with her, she agrees that she doesn’t get the wrath that men do about it.  She says ” well for one thing, look at all the posters they make of women being sexual.  They sure don’t have any of two men kissing.”  Only 6 states in the U.S allow gay marriage which I think is rather insulting with this day and age.  I feel that the only people who are against it are the ones who grew up in the 70’s or earlier.



One Response to “Gay marriage”

  1. nethadowning July 9, 2012 at 8:32 pm #

    Hey Carissafournia,

    Although, I do not agree with gay marriage, I do agree with what you stated in your blog. I was born in 1982, however, because of my spiritual beliefs, I have never been a supporter. I would be lying if I said, I think it’s nasty or anything negative about it, I just do not choose to live that lifestyle, but everyone does have a right to be happy. As stated in your blog concerning gay men, you couldn’t be more right! Is it because society thinks that the act of two women together is harmless, but the act of two men together, than makes him more feminine and not masculine? We all know women have hard exteriors, but we are soft once you break through them, but for men, why can’t it be the same way? I guess some people are very closed minded, and have never experienced true love, because that’s something that comes from the inner soul, and if one has not experienced it, one will never understand.
    Great post!

    S. Downing

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