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“Woman has very bizarre side job”

19 Jul

I was just browsing on my AOL top stories when I came across this one that really caught my attention, and quite frankly made me laugh a little.  I don’t want to judge, or make fun of this girl but this is just asking for trouble.  Nowadays, you can’t trust someone to pay you to snuggle… that’s how people get killed.

Jackie Samuel, Professional Snuggler, Will Snuggle You For $60 An Hour (VIDEO)


Sexual objectification of Women

19 Jul

“When women are portrayed as objects
without subjectivity, it may be easier for some to justify violence against
them. If a woman is just a thing to be looked at, her feelings and concerns
might seem less important.” -Naomi Rockler Gladen


The way women are used in the media as objects is sickening,  we are being portrayed in a terrible way by being half-naked in every beer, truck, and body wash commercial.  Its one thing if men compare us to inanimate objects, NOT saying that its alright to do, but it makes me feel sorry for the women that willingly do it to themselves.  I’ve met several girls throughout highschool and college that feel the need to put themselves out there to men so that they are more liked.  What ever happened to working on your personality to get people to like you, instead of sleeping with all of them?

Gay marriage

2 Jul

The more I read up on gay marriages, and see gay couples in public, the more I notice that gay women are not as frowned upon as gay men.  Speaking from experience, I have a very close friend that is gay, and talking with her, she agrees that she doesn’t get the wrath that men do about it.  She says ” well for one thing, look at all the posters they make of women being sexual.  They sure don’t have any of two men kissing.”  Only 6 states in the U.S allow gay marriage which I think is rather insulting with this day and age.  I feel that the only people who are against it are the ones who grew up in the 70’s or earlier.