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Setting records

22 Jun

Setting records on score sheets and calendars

I was currently cruising through yahoo news on and came across a very interesting and inspirational story about a 98 year old female Judo expert. As crazy as that sounds, it is true. Sensei Keiko Fukuda has become the first woman ever to receive a tenth-degree black belt (the highest rank in the martial arts of Judo). She is now one of four people that are still alive today to be honored with such a belt. Throughout all of history, only sixteen people have been awarded with this high honor. She started practicing Judo in 1935 which now she is the lone survivor of the founder of this combat sport. It is crazy to think that in a time that marriage was a must and women were to be women that this highly motivated woman loved Judo so much that she opted out of the usually chosen path for a woman of her age. In this video clip I shared with this blog, you see that she gets really emotional when this particular matter is brought up. She states that this was her marriage but she didn’t know that it was going to take this long to become the expert artist she longed for. I wonder if now she would have chosen to get married. It seems she couldn’t be happier about her victory but at the same time I can imagine that she feels she has missed out on a very important part in life. Especially that even to this day she is the first woman and one of sixteen to ever get the tenth-degree black belt is incredible. Women in sports are still to this day not treated equally as men’s sports. She provides a truly inspirational story of dedication and strength to not only women but to men as well.

The other story that I provided in the citation below is about an elderly woman as well. Ninety-five year old Ida Keeling from the Bronx is still setting records not only in score books but on calendars as well. One incredible thing I find about this one inspirational story is that Ida never started running until she was sixty-seven. She never trained her whole life so at her age one can assume that muscle memory is non-existent. She started from scratch at an age at when senior citizen discount cards have been useful for already seventeen years at Applebees. She has just broken her record in her age group of 90’s in which she says the ‘secret to longevity is twofold: eating breakfast foods for dinner and dinner foods for breakfast’. We only hear success stories of young people or ‘the has beens’ and to hear recent news of elderly women still kicking butt and taking names is truly amazing and inspirational. Check out this youtube video of her.


Altering images

11 Jun

Altering images is not just misleading to the reader, I would think that its insulting to the actress/model that is “too thick, or too short” according to the publisher.  The media has taken this altering too far in my opinion, women all ages and size compare themselves to this computer animated “perfect woman” they see on the cover of Cosmo.  I could see if they were covering up blemishes such as a big pimple, or hairy mole on someones face.  But to take 1/3 of someones body weight off them, and change their hair,makeup,clothes, and everything from the original image that is a bit ridiculous.